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True Beauty Detective celebrates the beauty of difference. Our goal is to create new and inclusive definitions of beauty. If you agree that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” and you have something interesting to say about it, we invite you to send us a potential TBD blog for consideration.



What kinds of blogs make sense for True Beauty Detective?

Just as beauty has diverse definitions, so does our content. These are the kinds of blogs that represent True Beauty Detective’s mission:

• Discussions of beauty standards, self-image, diverse body types, beauty that’s not strictly physical.

• Individuals who are beautiful because of their personality or accomplishments.

• How the media, advertisers and the entertainment industry reinforce traditional definitions of beauty—or surprise us by challenging those definitions.

• How social media pressures young women and girls to conform—along with stories about champions of diversity.

• Know someone who sounds like one of our 10 Legends? We’d love to hear about them.



What’s the overall tone?

True Beauty Detective’s aim is to honor beauty in diversity—diverse appearances, ages, races, shapes, lifestyles, strengths, ambitions and socioeconomic status. This is not a platform for criticism but rather one for embracing difference. We want to hear how progressive thinkers are challenging existing misconceptions of beauty and examples of how society can evolve (or already is).

• Personal narratives are welcome as long as they speak to the general theme, the beauty of difference.

• Well-done humor can work, but even more effective is emotional honesty.

• Upbeat, empowering blogs best reflect our mission.



Who Is True Beauty Detective's Audience?

True Beauty Detective is a movement for women of all ages, shapes, sizes, ethnicities, racial backgrounds, religions, sexualities, positions on the gender spectrum, social statuses, the list goes on and on. Our mission is to celebrate the individual and unique ways we’re all beautiful and shine a spotlight on the ones the spotlight traditionally overlooks.

If you have a story that speaks to this spirit of inclusiveness and celebration, we want to hear from you!



Content Rules

• Blogs should be no longer than 500 words.

• Photos, while not mandatory, can help tell the story.

• All text and images must be original.

• The author must hold rights to both text and images.

• For SEO purposes, blogs should include links to at least two external sources.

• Any submission that is accepted is subject to editing for content and style.

• All blogs should be submitted through the form below. Submissions will be reviewed for possible inclusion on True Beauty Detective.

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Please rename your files to include your name and the numeric submission date (MMDDYY). Accepted file formats include: .doc, .docx, .odt, .txt. No PDFs please!