The Nurturer

Caring, Gentle, Peaceful, Loving

The Nurturer is a loving, caring person who is sensitive to the feelings, emotions and needs of others. She is accepting and non-judgmental. and always open to others’ thoughts and feelings. She is a natural healer, through words and deeds, and can rally people together to diffuse conflicts. 

The Nurturer recognizes the simple wonders of life and it fills her with gratitude. She seeks internal and external peace. Her healing, calming nature is a true gift and an integral part of her beauty. 

She craves peace of mind and harmony in hers and the larger world, and strives to make it so.  She appreciates what she has and recognizes the immeasurable goodness of life.

She believes everyone is precious and valuable, and strives to make them feel that way. Life is sacred to her and she radiates that to the world.