The Inspirer

Visionary, Motivational, Influential

The Inspirer moves people in many ways: to action, to feeling, to thought. To inspire is to impart an idea or truth to someone. The Inspirer does just this. She is transparent, honest and purpose-driven and lives in a way that moves others to follow her lead.

The Inspirer strives to make the world a better place, whether through the love of her family, her devotion to her neighborhood or community, her leadership at work – or all of these. 

She works passionately for a cause or person she believes in and strives to show everyone that they are capable of greatness. Her actions not only move and motivate others, but also establish a deep and empathetic connection. 

This level of connection has a profound capacity to inspire others to reach their full potential. Because the Inspirer’s heart is so open, it helps others open theirs, too.